Visitor Guide

 Here's a few attractions for those Nebraskan visitors.  Sadly, there's not too many cool attractions, fun parks, and events in a place like Nebraska, but I found a few.   
You might be wondering what the heck is that?  In fact, Nebraska has the World's Largest Ball of Stamps.  Yes, it is a little weird, but its one of Nebraska's only World Record.  It has 4,655,000 stamps.  This unbelievable ball weighs 600 pounds!
This has become an annual event since 2005. Held in February each year at Mel's Landing Park near the Cedar River, it is not an event for the 'weak-hearted' as you will see people jumping in the icy waters of the river. The day starts with the dipping by Full Dippers, Half Dippers, Double Dippers, and Team Dippers (free to dip, pay to watch). There is a large bon-fire to warm up next to. This fun is followed by a Chili Cookoff with "local" Celebrity Judges and an all you can eat chili and soup supper.
World's Largest Time Capsule

Built by a man from 1975 who vowed not to be forgotten.