Political and Demographic Features

 Nebraska has a low population of 1,578,385.  This unpopular state is ranked number thirty-eight in populatiion.  I didn't realize that California has 34,551,762 more people than Nebraska!     
 Nebraska has a few highways that pass through it, so if you happen to visit there, you may see that there are many inns, motels, and possibly a few hotels.  You probably don't know anyone that lives in Nebraska.  One reason is the climate.  Nebraska gets quite cold in the winter, the lowest temperture reached -47 degrees fahrenheit!.  The highest point in Nebraska is called the Panorama Point which is exactly 5,424 feet above sea level.  

  By Car: Nebraska has very few highways.  Many of them are the major highways that run through-out the United States such as, Interstate 80.  By Airplane: There are only two major airports, one in Lincoln, and one in Omaha.  Sadly, not too many people visit Nebraska for just pure pleasure, many come to visit their family or friends or to make a pit- stop before moving on to another state or country, but they still do have some airports for those certain flyers.  

  Here are a few pictures of Nebraska to give you an idea of what Nebraska's features are.

Political Map of Nebraska
Nebraska Map with Highways