Physical Features

  There three major landforms in Nebraska, The Great Plains, The Bad Lands, and The Chimney Rock. The Great Plains probably the biggest landform in Nebraska.  This large open prairie gets about twenty inches of rainfall each year.  The Great Plains was a great place to settle back in the late 1800s an early 1900s.  The Indian reservior was removed from The Great Plains due to too much conflict with the Union.

  The Bad Lands contains some of the richest fossil beds dating back to over 30 millions years!  This wonderful and mysterious 244,000 acres of land has many intresting stories that fascinate hundreds of people around the entire Untied States!  I would love to visit there one day and experience the enchantment that made many other visitors amazed.

  Finally, The Chimney Rock.  Based on sketches, paintings, written accounts, Chimney Rock was taller when it was first seen by the Spanish settlers, but has been reduced in height since then by erosion and lightning.  This huge mountain/rock is a great attraction, it is beautiful when the afternoon color of the sky make the gigantic landform standout.

  These are the wonderful landforms of Nebraska.